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Robyn, 17 Apr 2021

Very good

Lauren, 16 Apr 2021

Very good

Lauren, 16 Apr 2021

A whole hour and 30 mins late. Chips came cold. Tiny bag for price. Too over priced. Never have I got my order on time from here.

Mh, 16 Apr 2021

Ordered the cadburys Easter brownie with Fingers, Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs, and got a brownie with marshmallow and Oreo? Little bit disappointed and because the brownie I ordered was the higher price, feel like I may have received a lower priced on. Aside from that, the rest of the food was great.

Antony, 15 Apr 2021

Great hospitality

Nazneen, 13 Apr 2021

I’ve just returned in the car from Stockport down Didsbury Rd. One of your drivers in EO16 MVZ was speeding and overtook me in an aggressive way at approx 22.20 in a 30mph zone. Then as your driver was behind the next car they were tailgating and overtook the car even though it was signalling to turn right. I predict this driver will cause / have an accident or a road rage incident if they have not already done so. It never ceases to amaze me how drivers in cars with advertising seem to forget that their behaviour affects the public’s experience of their employer and can damage the reputation of the advertised business. I for one won’t be eating your cake.

Barbara, 12 Apr 2021

Shocked when my order arrived. The vegan cookie dough had a hair in the dough, it never came with the vegan chocolate and the dough was uncooked. Very disappointed. The cornflakes pie came with no custard, very small portion, definitely not home made. The sticky Toffy pudding also came with no custard and was a very small portion.

Tosh , 12 Apr 2021

lovely food

Mikael, 11 Apr 2021

Very good

Lauren , 30 Mar 2021

Ordered via Uber eats was told 10-20 mins, 1hour and 40 mins later still waiting no doubt this will be cold on arrival again!

Beckie, 28 Mar 2021

Excellent quality

Vimmi, 26 Mar 2021

Im enjoying the service

Andy, 22 Mar 2021

I ordered via DELIVEROO. and the food isn’t what I ordereded I asked for a cookie- which came solid.. brownies- wasn’t expecting brownie peices which I can get from Tesco. And the chocolate cake didn’t state dark chocolate which it came with All went in the bun

Maryjayne Morris , 20 Mar 2021

I placed my order at 8:50pm and it did not arrive till 11:02pm. The cookie was cold as well. I rang twice to see where the order was and every time was told 10 mins and there was nothing they could do. Extremely disappointed !

Connie Sue Bennett, 18 Mar 2021

It was sakty cake no one even ate the cake I ordered mother day cake but it was too salty it suppose to be sweet very bad

Hira, 15 Mar 2021

I was charged twice it went out my bank and also paid the driver cash . I have tried phoning but no answer

Bronwyn, 13 Mar 2021

Order was over 2 hours late. Ordered via Just Eat and you seem to direct the blame to them for giving me the wrong delivery time!! By the time the order arrived, the chocolate was melting. Not the best, most of it went in the bin. Very disappointing - will not order again.

Tina Elliott, 12 Mar 2021

More value for money would be hugely beneficial for customers.

Tyler, 12 Mar 2021


Aadil, 08 Mar 2021


Strawberries wasnt worth £6.99 for only 4 of them absolute rip off and to even ask for £2 extra for pink ICING is just cheeky i want the £14 back i spent on the straeberries as wasnt worth one bit

Courtney, 01 Mar 2021

Good quality

Aadil, 25 Feb 2021

Always order from cakeaway

Georgia, 15 Feb 2021

2 hours later still waiting for my cakeaway

A, 14 Feb 2021

Hello I placed an order #14C36 via Uber Eats this morning and it has still not arrived. I contacted the bakery earlier who said it was out for delivery but delayed due to demand which is fine however my order status has now changed to delivered when I have not received my order. Please can you look into this for me as I have been charged £10.61 but not received any product. Many thanks, Chlöe Kayes

Chloe Kayes, 14 Feb 2021

Thank so much she love the cake. X

Alicia Evans, 13 Feb 2021