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Amazing cakes, service & Staff

Jeni, 16 Jan 2021

Ur shit fam

Blaine Dopson, 16 Jan 2021

Always nice food

Mana, 16 Jan 2021

Made an order with your Warrington store and food has not arrived. Don't even have a number to call the restaurant on

Keith, 14 Jan 2021

I want my money you took it out of my account

Mamie, 12 Jan 2021

Amazing service for all occasions to the quick last minute orders to birthday cakes!!! ... And the selection is amazing ... So much to choose from by far the best cakes and shakes and everything else we have ever had!!!! The staff are all so friendly and helpful best cakeaway around!!!

Jeni, 10 Jan 2021

been waiting nearly 2 hours for my order now and really not happy paying just over £20 for the deserts of the waits this long, order was due 9:35 it’s now 10:30 and we ordered at 8:40, would like a refund really not happy

Alisha , 09 Jan 2021

So disappointed with my delivery paid almost £35 for cakes for oreo cheesecake to come exactly the same as the American cheesecake! Do cake away think people have not got eyes? Took an hour and 20 minutes to arrive to be completely wrong when arrived! And the cake was also frozen!!! Would have complained over the phone but as usual you can never get through! Totally disappointed! Would love a full refund but can never get through on the phone to anyone!!!!

Vickie Condron, 09 Jan 2021

DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE! Waited 4 hours and nothing arrived despite trying to call numerous times and the call does not get answered! Ordered at 9pm then says delivered at 1.30am!!!! NOTHING WAS DELIVERED! I want a full refund and a call from a manager please!!!!

Fatima, 09 Jan 2021

No way to conatact the store left on hold for half an hour multiple times the line just drops which insert aggravating, order now 1 hour late and with the company not picking up very bad service

Carl, 08 Jan 2021

I just feel they are too expensive but they are very nice and excellent quality

Sophina, 06 Jan 2021

Despite calling, the order arrived over 30 min late. Will be following up for a refund.

Keisha, 06 Jan 2021

Ordered a fully loaded cookie for 9.99 it came and was not as described, called and did nothing about it, poor!

Craig , 03 Jan 2021

Nice fresh but is abit expensive

Carmen, 02 Jan 2021

Have not received my order and tried to call the store over 40 times through out 3 hours and no answer. Could a manger give me a call as soon as possible please I am very in happy as I use the company quiet a lot 07534776554

Marissa, 02 Jan 2021

Not even received my order

Marissa, 02 Jan 2021

Ordered at 7pm last night, rang well over 300 times to see where the order was, phone was answered about 5 times, all’s they kept saying is it’s half an hour away, got to 1am 6 hours later and nothing was delivered, absolutely disgusting how you can treat your customers like this, all’s we wanted was to treat the kids. You absolutely ruined our new year, what sort of business are you running, just scamming people for their money and not actually delivering anything. would not recommend to anyone

Shannon Nelson, 02 Jan 2021

Wtf you don’t answer your phone at all it’s now 2am I put an order in for 7 Steers Close WA41GQ at 11:30 and not only did you keep changing the delivery time you had the cheek to put delivered when you didn’t fucking deliver it, disgusting service I want a refund now you cheeky fuckers if you weren’t going to deliver it you should’ve said so we could have ordered from somewhere else

Alex Heathcote, 02 Jan 2021

Amazing Food, Great Prices and nice staff

Samira, 02 Jan 2021

I have been waiting since 21:25 for my order. It is now 00:25 and it’s still not arrived, I have called the restaurant 108 times and got through once when I first asked where my order was when it was only an hour late. The status on Just Eat says delivered but it hasn’t turned up at all, when I did manage to get through I told the woman who answered how to get to my address and she said she’d update the drivers notes with that plus my contact number and I’ve had no contact from either. I also requested a call from the restaurant which said is usually after 5 minutes of requesting it but 2 hours later still no call. It’s too late to stay up for it incase it’s more than 3 hours late, so if it does turn up I won’t be awake for it. I have tried ringing the restaurant to arrange a refund but as I said no answer. Can a manager please contact me regarding a refund please. Thank you.

Zoe, 02 Jan 2021

Order number 1111063751 I have been waiting over two hours to know be told on just eat my food has been delivered when it hasn’t could a manager please get back in contact with me ASAP please thank you

Chloe, 02 Jan 2021


Alex, 01 Jan 2021

Didn’t receive my food. Ordered through justeat and it says that it’s been delivered and it’s not. Ordered at 9pm

Lucy Silverside , 01 Jan 2021

Waited 2 1/2 hours called 144 times and when it finally arrived it was cold undercooked and pathetic Cost me £10 I want a refund. I was scared to eat it it looked that disgusting I have photos if needed and will be sharing them Will expect a full refund thank you Ordered of Uber eats 2D778 was my order number Get it sorted.

Ellie Wallacemckay , 01 Jan 2021

Came 2 and a half hours late cast me £10 and was trash it was cold disgusting and completely pathetic I want a refund

Ellie Wallace Mckay , 01 Jan 2021

Robbing twats took my money food didn’t come

Daniel Anders , 01 Jan 2021