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Dominic , 05 Dec 2020

My food was 28mins late out of the ETA expect time. In which he stayd seated in his car half way up the street. So i have had to walk up the street in the rain. I then had to open his passenger door for him so he could pass me the food well he remaind in his car. The burger was cold and so was the warm brownie pot cake. The milkshake was fine. But for the price of the order i am not impressd

Dale , 04 Dec 2020

I ordered desserts last night from cakeaway we ordered at 10:30 and it came 2 and half hours late , didn’t get told that it was too far away , and use came up with a load of excuses when we called up . I recommend you change the map of where it is . Also when the food came the waffle was stone cold and the ice cream all melted I want a refund full. Because of this we ended up binning it all today , due to this I want my refund back Thankyou .

Eleanor Bo, 02 Dec 2020

Absolutely shit service manger is rude waited for almost a hour and didn’t receive my order

Gary , 29 Nov 2020

Always late... quoted 35 mins... still not here after 1 hour and 15 mins

Luke, 29 Nov 2020

Hi, I ordered a cake for my nephew to be delevired to him in Manchester. The cake I ordered is not the one we recived. the one I ordered is with kinder eggs and choçolate as clearly stated in its description. But the on we received is with santa. can you please explain it.

Tooba Aamir, 29 Nov 2020

Paid £20 for two awful milkshakes that look nothing like the pictures you advertise!! No cream on top no extras nothing at all special about what you do. Tastes exactly like nesquik powder blended with ice cream. £13 for the tinest portion of cookie dough youve ever seen in your life. What a mark up you must be making on this bland rubbish. The order turned up so late at 3am that by that time we had been waiting so long we went to bed. The delivery driver made sure he banged on our door loud enough to wake not only us and our new baby, but also our neighbours. The food we recieved so SO cheap looking and over priced, its the same food i can make easily for a couple of pounds. Dont be fooled by the pictures this company shares as the reality is nothing like their social media pictures. Ive taken pics of our food, will be sharing them everywhere. Will be chasing our refund without a doubt, avoid this at all costs. Wish i could give less than one star

Simone, 25 Nov 2020

Order arrived 1 hour late. After calling the restaurant they said the delivery driver was close but we waited 30 minutes after that. Ordered a biscoff sundae and when it arrived it was a melted brownie sundae with a biscoff biscuit stuck on top. The snickers sundae was the the same with a snickers on top. Custard with other dessert was freezing cold. Waste of money!

Derron, 22 Nov 2020

Email trail below from last weekend. I’ve had no feedback let alone a refund! Hi I haven’t had a response from you about my complaint - why not? Please come back to me ASAP Regards Dave -----Original Message----- From: David Smith Sent: 14 November 2020 19:56 To: Subject: Re: Very late delivery! Just an update - my order arrived over 2 hours late! The driver was unaware of any issues with previous deliveries, delays due to weather or traffic on copperfield road - all excuses the girl on the phone gave me! Awful service and I await my refund/voucher Regards Dave On 14 Nov 2020, at 19:31, David Smith wrote: Hi My kids ordered two milkshake and some cookie dough which was supposed to be delivered to sk12 1yu at 5-40. I’ve phoned up and complained that the order hadn’t arrived even though the app said it had been delivered. I spoke to a girl who said the weather was causing the driver to drive slowly. As it is only a little damp and windy rather than snow, I suggested this shouldn’t cause over an hours delay! She then rang the driver who apparently had difficulty with the previous delivery (weather related?). She the told me it would be with me in 15 mins. This was 7.05 and it still hasn’t arrived. If we were a cash delivery, she would have given discount but as we have paid by card, no discount can be applied?! I expect a voucher to the value of our order which was over £19.00. This service is not good enough and my kids have been waiting for two hours! I await your response. Regards Dave

David, 22 Nov 2020

Waited around an hour an 20 for delivery. My son paid for his pancakes and milkshake out of his own money it came and was freezing cold hes currently warming it up in the microwave. Bit gutted for him to be honest.

Katie Allen, 21 Nov 2020

Pls confirm that it’s being delivered not collected!! Thanks!

Gill, 21 Nov 2020

Thank you for your perseverance! The delivery was much appreciated!

Gill, 18 Nov 2020


Mac, 16 Nov 2020

Only issue is, When we order the driver never brings up to our door, i have to go down! In my pjs and 32 weeks pregnant!

Sian, 15 Nov 2020

Order was not received despite money being taken from my account and it has now been an entire week. Also very difficult to get in contact with anyone to help to solve the issue quickly and efficiently. Highly regretful of my decision to use this company and wish that I had used a more reputable company, like Moonpig, who I've used before.

Ricardo, 15 Nov 2020

I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered. Ordered at 20:20, and was told it would be 10 - 30 minutes. Tried to call 5 times, kept being cut off. When I finally got through at 21:20, I was told the ticket hadn't gone through. Promised delivery straight away, with a free item included. I finally got the food at 21:40, but no free item!! I demand a refund, otherwise I will take this further. Thankfully I ordered ice creams from brand names so I didn't have to contend with poor food, either.

Henneke Cook, 14 Nov 2020

i want a refund on the order that never showed up

Lauren, 13 Nov 2020

I would give 0 stars if I could! Absolutely appalled at the service. Ordered at 8:30pm (on a Tuesday night), said the order would be with us at 9:05pm. By 20 past nine, it hadn't turned up, so we rang them. Apparently the driver was in our area and wouldn't be long. Another 20 minutes later, food still hadn't arrived. Rang them again, he was "round the corner". Eventually the order turned up at 10:15pm. By this time the food was stone cold and inedible. I wouldn't serve it to a dog. We rang again, and was told that because we ordered through just eat, we weren't entitled to a refund. Opened the just eat app to be told our order had been delivered at 9:05pm!!! We drove to the shop ourselves, gave our food back and asked for a refund. We spoke to one of the managers, who said he can't do anything until Friday as they don't get any money off just eat until then??? He offered to make the food fresh, but by this time it was almost 11pm, and to be honest having looked at the abysmal food we were given, I didn't want to bother! I'm absolutely disgusted with the shocking service, and I only hope that no-one else makes the same mistake of ordering from this company.

Rebecca Threadgold, 10 Nov 2020

was very nice but very over priced

Kiya, 07 Nov 2020

This is the fucking worse place to order from!! Every fucking time they let you down and judging from the other review it's a common theme! Never again, bullshit company and have lost my business.

Deli Alli, 07 Nov 2020

Paid 30 pound for two waffles and a milk shake for the waffle to come with a little drizzle of chocolate sauce and 3 peace’s of breno absolutely shocking my kids could of maid it look better with there eye shut taste horrible aswell never again wt a wast of money wen I rang didn’t even offer me my money back iv just wasted 30 not happy a all

Claire , 06 Nov 2020

My food hasn’t arrived it was meant to come at 2am and now it’s saying it has delivered i am seriously in happy the fact I have waited and it hasn’t turned it but saying delivered I seriously wouldn’t recommend cake away

Chloe Holt, 06 Nov 2020

Order from there over and hour ago and initially called to get an ETA since one wasn’t available on the app. I was reassured it would arrive within 20 minutes..... it’s literally been an over an hour now since I called and I’m still waiting

Eve, 05 Nov 2020

It was easy

Matty, 02 Nov 2020

It was easy

Matty, 02 Nov 2020

Hi. I placed an order, got confirmation it was received, and that it would be delivered at a specific time. I don't have confirmation of delivery and would very much appreciate one. Order ID 353887110 My phone number is from America, +1 818 720 0899 and email is Thank you in advance.

Luis, 31 Oct 2020